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So my life has changed a lot.

I broke up with my three-year-boyfriend in early fall.
I cut off my dreadlocks.
Then I started dating someone different.
Then the someone different was dishonest and manipulated and betrayed me, made me more cautious and less of a trusting, open person.
I graduated.
I had no money.
My bank account dwindled to about $40.
My parents tried to manipulate me by offering me a gift of money if I do what they want with my life.
I said no.
My parents told me to fuck off.
I thought I was going to be homeless and jobless.
I sent out about 300 job applications and resumes.
I finally got a job a few days ago.
Yesterday the anthology that I had a story published in went on sale and it's on Amazon. My name in the blurb.
I hung out with my poets last night.
I had some beers.
My job is boring and repetitious.
But I still love the people who love me.
I finally feel now, oddly now that I am as alone as I have ever been, that there are people who love me.
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I had such weird fucking dreams last night. I dreamt of Lake Kitch-iti-kipi which I visited with my parents as a little kid. I'm terrified of deep water and this water is crystal clear all the way down. I want to actually go there now to conquer my fears of the place.

I had a second dream where I was trying to find someone a roommate online and couldn't remember where he lived or how many rooms in his apartment. Then I found this old video of his that was kind of violent and strange. It was a like a mock hair transplant and some of the characters were people from my real life, so it was strange and scary.
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I got a story published! Yay! That now means that 4 out of the 5 times I've submitted work for publication, I've been accepted. :D
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It are my birthday.

I'm 22 as of five minutes ago!
My plans are to
1. do all of thursday's homework tomorrow
2. make muffins and cookies for my class
3. write a poem for assignment
4. go to class (7-10 p.m.)
5. Go to casino and gamble on my free birthday money
6. Go to bars and get my free birthday drinks
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I'm stinky

So I went to the office of my apartment building to pick up a package we got in the mail. I washed my face and brushed my teeth before going down there, but that's pretty much it. I don't wear perfume or anything like that and there was this guy also in the office doing something. When the receptionist walked by to get my package from the back room, he says, "Wow, you smell good!" I highly doubt it. I haven't showered in three days and I put on deodorant like once two days ago. It's been 90 degrees here every day. So I said, "Uh, I think that was her hand lotion" because the receptionist had just put some on and the room blossomed vanilla-y. He says, "Well it's not me, that's for sure!"
It was kind of cute. I think he just wanted to flirt a little bit.
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Update on my stomach issues

Ok, so a Dr.'s visit and an $800 (yeah, I didn't think it would be that much) abdominal ultrasound later, and I'm apparently all systems normal. They didn't do the throat scope thing to check for ulcers, but I think that must have been the culprit. What else at that point? I haven't had stomach pain in several days and a few weeks ago, it was so bad at times I felt like daggers in my stomach just from eating simple oatmeal or toast. I had vodka one night (one drink!) and I thought I was going to die all night. Almost no sleep and I was panicking.

I've been testing with coffee and that was ok. I had mexican, that was ok. I had italian and that was mostly ok. So problem solved, oui?
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Writer's Block: Nature v. nurture

In your opinion, how much of our personality is genetic, and how much is shaped by environmental factors?

Certain things are inborn because we're all primates/animals/members of the same species. What we mean by personality usually are the things that are apparently different between people  like temperament and preferences and how a person will act in a situation. So I'll address the different parts because the question isn't really about the innate stuff. I mean, nobody's asking, "Is sight our primary sense because of nurture?"

It's all down to the accident of your birth, in my opinion.  Your parents and your geography dictate almost everything about you. I tend to take the social determinism stance whenever I can. Language, religion, loyalties, class, clothes, occupation, beliefs, food, emotional expression, communication style...all dependent on where you are from and who raised you.  I don't actually know which opinions can be considered mine because every idea have is richocheted off of the ideas of everyone who came before me.